Learn from me

For those that need some guidance, troubleshooting or just don’t want to outsource their advertising, I offer a range of services to support you in running your own Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

There’s a lot you can do with a little expert help!

Empower hour
1 hour

Empower hours do just that – empower you to feel more confident with ads.  I can help you form a strategy, look over live campaigns, troubleshoot problem areas, provide pixel support and anything else that you need.  This is your hour and I appreciate how precious the time is.  To help me provide as much value as possible, you will be sent a short questionnaire prior to our consultation to highlight areas you wish to cover.

Empower hours take place over Zoom and fee includes a recording of the call.

Nurture Package
3 hours

Sometimes an hour just isn’t enough and longer term support is required.  Are not yet ready to outsource your ads but still need help runing them?  The Nurture Package will help when slightly longer term support is required. After an initial one hour consultation you can break up the remaining time into 30 or 60 minute slots and use them over 6 weeks to suit your needs.

This package is particularly useful for clients who want help monitoring and optimising live campaigns and need some ongoing guidance. Whether you are new to ads or want to brush up on your skills, this is the perfect way to get the best out of your campaigns.