When it comes to Facebook & Instagram advertising, do you know what is considered to be a good Click Through Rate? (CTR)

If not, here you go:

If you’re targeting a cold audience – (i.e. people who aren’t yet aware of your brand) – you ideally want to be achieving a CTR of at least 1%

If you’re targeting a warm audience – (for example, people who have recently visited your website, or people who engage with your social accounts) – you want to be pushing for a CTR of around 3% or more.

Are your click through rates close to these numbers or are they lower?

If they’re lower, you’ll want to work on changing this ASAP as you could be wasting a lot of your budget…and what business wants to waste money?!

Every single pound in your business should be working for you, especially when it comes to advertising.

If you’re unsure of how to increase your CTR, a Power Hour or a support package with me could be perfect for you.

Let’s get those CTRs up and your money working hard for you.

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