Pigeon Organics sell their clothes on a wholesale and retail basis, as the world went into lockdown their Spring/Summer 2020 collection was launching and stockists were having to close their doors with some sent back orders.


Pigeon had to respond quickly to get sales. I worked with them to target warm and cold audiences through Facebook and Instagram ads.


The ads increased brand awareness and brought new customers to the brand. Throughout the campaign stock was closely managed to ensure that the right products were shown in the creatives, and campaigns were tweaked according to audience response.


  • 4 months 

  • £18,970 sales 

  • Average of £8.22 return on every £1 ad spent (ROAS) 

  • CTR – 2.87% 

  • CPC – £0.15

“Sarita manages our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, which have been an exciting new development for our company. For the past two seasons, we have coincided the campaigns with the launch of our ethical children’s clothing collections and they’ve been incredibly successful, increasing our B2C sales significantly. Sarita is lovely to work with, incredibly professional and has a passion for getting the most out of every pound spent. Highly recommended!”

Jane Shepherd, Founder, Pigeon Organics