My Twirl ​​produces a product of the highest quality with a perfectly twirling skirt is the cornerstone of their brand.

Lisa had £1000 of facebook ads credits to use which expired in one month – Lisa got in touch with me as she needed expert help, fast. 

As her ads budget was already paid for Lisa was in the position to pay for an ads manager but she also wanted some tips so that she could carry on the momentum. I was able to fully manage the campaigns, testing audiences along the way as well as offer Lisa some training sessions so she could pick up some basics.


In order to make the most out of the Facebook Ad credits we decided to test different cold audiences to see which ones worked the best. 

We did some deep digging into the ideal My Twirl customer and once we knew the pixel was all in place we also retargeted website visitors.


The ads increased brand awareness and brought new customers to the brand. Whilst working with her I was also able to give Lisa a basic understanding of how Facebook and Instagram ads can work for her brand. 

A high Add to Cart rate but low Initiate Check Out rates indicated that customers are stalling at certain points of the checkout process. I worked with Lisa to refine the process, making it quicker and easier for customers to purchase.

“Her attention to detail and understanding of the big picture was the difference that got us the results we achieved”

Lisa Colombera, Founder, My Twirl 

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