Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sit down with your future customers and show them exactly what you had to offer? If you could strike up a convo right there in their home and chat about how you could help them? Well, that’s exactly what Facebook and Instagram ads (they have the same back end) let you do – they put you and your products in front of the right people at the right time (most likely scrolling on the sofa in their PJs) so they can get to know you and your business. Here are four more reasons why I love Facebook ads and why I believe they could benefit your business.

The targeting is amazing

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can decide exactly who to show your ads to.

  • People aged 30-40, who like cooking, holidays in Italy, and live in Sussex? No problem.
  • Women with children under 8, interested in organic kidswear? Sure.
  • 15-17 year olds looking for their next course who you want to invite them to your next open day? Easy. 
  • People who’ve just got engaged and who live within 20 miles of your venue? Yes.

With so many ‘interests’ to choose from you can experiment with your targeting until you know you’ve got it exactly right.

You can start – and stop – them at any time

If you’re worried that Facebook ads will eat up your budget and leave you out of pocket, relax. You don’t have to sink your entire budget into one ad and keep your fingers crossed because you pay for your ads day by day and can therefore test what’s working. Facebook provides great data on how well your ads are doing so you can see exactly which image, product, or call to action is performing best – and how much it’s costing. But what if you do get it wrong? Simple. You stop spending money on that underperforming ad and try something else instead. That is what makes them so flexible! 

They help create FOMO

There’s nothing like a recommendation to seal a sale, is there?  One of my favourite features about Facebook ads is that they provide a way to get your existing fans and customers to help you bring in new business.  Not only can you use testimonials to great effect, but you can also collect likes, comments and shares – just as you can on regular posts.  This all helps encourage new customers to trust and buy from you – after all, we all feel better about trying a new product or service if we know that other people like it.

They bring back lost customers

There’s nothing more frustrating than an abandoned shopping cart, right? One of the most powerful tools in Facebook ads is the ability to retarget those customers who have added an item to their basket then disappeared.  Without getting too techy, there are two ways this works: The Facebook pixel The pixel is a piece of unique code that’s easy to install on your website. It collects data on the people who visit your site so you can send them tailored ads depending on their actions.  Conversions API This is an ‘application programme interface’ based on the server-side of your website. Unlike the pixel it isn’t affected by ad blockers so it helps you gather information your pixel can’t reach.

Making it work for your business

There are so many ways to make Facebook ads work for you, whether you have an e-commerce site, sell through a third-party site, or want to generate more leads for the services you offer.  It can feel a little overwhelming when you first start which is why I recommend investing in the help of an ad specialist.

As an experienced ad manager I can set up and manage the whole ad process for you, or work with you so that you feel confident to go it alone. To find out more drop me a line at sarita@saritajairath.com

“Sarita manages our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, which have been an exciting new development for our company. For the past two seasons, we have coincided the campaigns with the launch of our ethical children’s clothing collections and they’ve been incredibly successful, increasing our B2C sales significantly. Sarita is lovely to work with, incredibly professional and has a passion for getting the most out of every pound spent. Highly recommended!” Jane Shepherd, Founder at Pigeon Organics.