About Sarita

I am driven by a genuine passion for helping businesses thrive. 

With over 15 years’ experience in the communications industry, I’m so much more than just a safe pair of hands!  My proven flair for social media marketing, teamed with a specialism in Facebook ads means I’m perfectly positioned to guide you through the tricky world of paid social media advertising, generating leads and increasing sales.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising. Everyone’s talking about it and you want in.

As a tool for marketing your business it’s unrivalled. No other advertising platform lets you target potential customers with such precision. 

Building a Facebook ad campaign is pretty straightforward. Creating a campaign that gets results takes more time and considerably more expertise! Mistakes can be costly and without understanding the data, it’s easy to make the same ones again and again, throwing good money after bad.

If you want to give your ads the best chance of success, I would always recommend trusting me to manage your campaigns from top to bottom to minimise any wasted ad spend and leave you free to run your business. If that’s not for you, I also offer packages to support you in running your own Facebook advertising.


Reid Aiton 

Founder, Laird Candles 

“After a few months of trading, I realised I needed support to help me boost sales. I knew Sarita was now specialising in FB/Insta advertising and I was thrilled when she agreed to work with my small brand. It’s only been four months, but Sarita’s support has helped to transform my little business. Summer’s not an easy time to be a candlemaker…but with Sarita’s help, we’ve managed to increase orders dramatically. Also, she’ll be supporting me through the busy winter season and I can see already that sales are steadily starting to pick up. Sarita’s great to work with – explaining all the detail and coaching me through the changes I needed to make to my site and profiles. I can’t recommend Sarita highly enough!”

Naomi Richmond-Swift

Director of Internal and External Relations, London College of Fashion at UAL

“Sarita is always a pleasure to work with, and with an in-depth understanding of Facebook Ads she is able to hit the ground running and take on complex campaigns quickly. She delivered a highly successful campaign for us on Facebook and Instagram using video and static imagery which resulted in a fully booked open day for a hard to recruit course. She kept us up to date on the campaign and made insightful changes to the adverts and audiences to make the most out of our budget and optimise as we went along.”

Jas Lehal

Jas Lehal Photography

“Sarita helped me with a very successful social media campaign. Her enthusiastic approach is contagious! I really enjoyed working with her — I hope we get to do it again.”

Sarah Vrancken

Pilates Expert and Founder of Kalm Pilates Online

“I worked with Sarita to put together an engagement campaign to help drive likes to one of my business FB pages. I felt that she took into account the learnings from our last campaigns, came up with good ideas around audience interests and sizes and optimised the budget perfectly. I would definitely work with Sarita again in future!”

Sarah James

Marketing and Communications Director, CLPE

“I contacted Sarita earlier this year for support with our Facebook Ad strategy. She is very knowledgeable and professional with a lovely positive attitude and she has helped us to develop a campaign strategy to meet our goals. She quickly identified the audiences we needed to target and set the advertising objectives that would work for us and her results speak for themselves! We have seen a huge increase in reach and conversions from our Facebook ad campaigns and this is thanks to Sarita’s dedication and expert skills in making Facebook adverts achieve the results we wanted!”

Jane Shepherd

Founder, Pigeon Organics

“Sarita manages our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, which have been an exciting new development for our company. For the past two seasons, we have coincided the campaigns with the launch of our ethical children’s clothing collections and they’ve been incredibly successful, increasing our B2C sales significantly. Sarita is lovely to work with, incredibly professional and has a passion for getting the most out of every pound spent. Highly recommended!”

Rachel Binns

United Colleges Group 

“I had the pleasure of working with Sarita and her long term collaborator, Emel during a very busy period at the college group. What I really appreciated about working with them was that unlike some agencies, they were very honest and transparent about what could be realistically achieved within the timeframe and then delivering it.

Their knowledge of getting the most out of Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm and how best to monetise the campaign based on the college group’s requirements and budget were invaluable. The added value gained from Sarita and Emel means I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or work with them again.



Is there a minimum ad spend?

Whilst I don’t impose a minimum ad spend, experience of working with budgets from £300 – £15k per month, has shown me the importance of investing in your campaigns.

Facebook advertising is all about testing.  I need to find audiences interested in your brand and establish the most cost effective way of converting them to customers.  I suggest a minimum daily spend of £20 in order to gather meaningful data that allows this process to take place. 


How long do we work together?

This can vary but I ask clients to commit to an initial period of 3 months after which point we hold a review.  If you are new to ads and have limited pixel data, it can take this time for the algorithm to learn about your audience and optimise ads accordingly.  If you’ve been running ads that aren’t working for your business, it takes time to re-train the pixel.  Results don’t happen overnight but with a solid strategy and trust in the process, you’ll soon see the value of your ads. 


Can you guarantee results?

Although I can’t promise that Facebook ads will provide the return on investment you’re hoping for, I can guarantee that not a penny is wasted.  An ad campaign that is not performing still provides you with valuable insights into your audience.  Knowing who isn’t engaging is just as important as knowing who is!  This is why we test.

I can promise you that I will treat your ad spend as if it were my own and will always be open and honest about campaigns, including telling you if there are barriers within your business that mean ads are not right at this time.


I’m undecided, can we discuss what would suit my business?

Of course!  Investing in Facebook advertising is a positive step, I know this, but it’s important that you feel confident too.  I am always happy to jump on a call to explore how Facebook and Instagram ads could work for you.  Just drop me an email and I’ll be in touch!

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